Of course, there’s the great outdoors: sitting around in the backyard watching the sunset over the lake and Adirondack Mountains, playing badminton or tetherball, walking the nature trails at Goodsell Ridge. Also, Isle La Motte is known for its tranquil bike paths by the lake and through woods and farmland. Swimming is about a mile away at St Anne’s Shrine and at the Alburg Dunes State Park ( just off the island. Fishing and boating are favorite activities here and a golf course is 4 miles away.



Isle La Motte also features some rare geological features not seen anywhere else in the world. In 2009, the Chazy Fossil Reef was awarded the designation of National Natural Landmark. To learn more about this and the 2 visitor sites, go to Also, Fisk Farm on the southwestern tip of the island is the old homestead of Lt. Governor Nelson Fisk. It was here that Teddy Roosevelt got the news that President McKinley had been shot. Today it is a charming visitor site  with art shows in the horse and carriage barn.

Tea Garden


Two visitors sites: Fisk Quarry Preserve and Goodsell Ridge Preserve

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St. Anne’s Shrine is a very popular spiritual and historical attraction on the island. Site of the earliest white settlement in Vermont, it offers free swimming and picnicking on its waterfront beach. The Champlain Islands are a rich resource of activities and tourist attractions, all within easy biking and driving distance. Check out the Champlain Island Chamber of Commerce website. Also, Champlain Bikeways is a great resource for cycling trails.


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